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by Troy Forrest October 14, 2016

With Spring sunshine out and the gift-giving season not far down the track, we’re stoked that Aussie home owners and online shoppers can now get their hands on a Parcel Nest.

Most people we know…

  • Are busier than ever
  • Are buying more online
  • Are expecting their parcel load to grow
  • Want the convenience of home-delivered (without the frustration of “sorry we missed you”)

We’ve built Parcel Nest for these people, because that's who we are.

We’ve built Parcel Nest for busy working parents who, after long work days and after-school taxi driving duties, just want to get home and find their box of fresh fruit, Adelaide Hills Pinot or new running shoes safe & sound at their front door.

We’ve built it for home-based businesses expecting deliveries of stationary or stock or textbooks while they’re on the phone or out at meetings.

We’ve built it for the young professionals and fashionistas for sample boxes of cosmetics and manscaping shaver kits.

We’ve built it for Grey Nomaders out trekking the countryside when delivery attempts get made.

We’ve built it for the home brewers awaiting their hops and barley refills.

We've built it for the knitters, the quilters, the camera buffs and the model train collectors.

We’ve built it for t-shirt lovers and comic book buyers and e-bayers and lycra warriors and amateur stereo builders.

We’ve built it for everyone that wants to go out and live their life and then come home and know that their purchases are there. Home. Safe. Sound. Every time.

The Parcel Nest?

It’s made from Australian Jarrah. Beautiful, local, sustainable, protecting.

It’s made in regional SA. Local jobs in manufacturing for people with disability.

It’s big and strong and versatile. Any parcel, any size, and you can sit on it to tie your shoes.

It’s safe and secure. The sturdiest soft-close arms, the strongest of locks.

It's home-delivered. Flat-packed. Easy to assemble. Left at your door.

And it’s simpleBecause we also built it thinking about couriers. Busy people that also need a break and a solution to their rising costs and frustrations.

“Put Parcel in box. Push button to lock.”  That's it

We hope you’ll buy one before Christmas, either as a great Christmas gift, or to secure the parcel load you know Christmas will bring while you're out enjoying a glass of bubbles.

(And if you get one before the end of October, we take 10% off the price.)

Thanks in advance for helping us change the game and make the world a little simpler for busy people.

Happy shopping!

Troy Forrest

Parcel Nest Pty Ltd.


Troy Forrest
Troy Forrest


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