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About Us

Four years ago, Parcel Nest creator Troy Forrest spat the chewie.

Sick and tired of receiving “Sorry we missed you” courier slips in his front door when he’d been waiting for a box of wine (or his wife’s new shoes… or his kids new clothes…), Troy decided to do something about it.

From the back of a beer coaster to today, past a shed full of prototypes, a few false starts and a lot of learnings, the Parcel Nest has been put through the wringer. And it’s been worth it. The frustration of missing a home delivery attempt is real, it is growing, and the alternatives – centralised electronic parcel lockers or allowing couriers access to your garage door remote controls – aren’t for everyone.

Every piece of feedback we’ve had tells us the same thing – people want EASY. They want their parcels DELIVERED TO THEIR HOMES, which is why they ordered them online to start with! They want something that complements the aesthetic of their home, that they can whack their shoes in if need be, and they want it to be secure and solid.

In partnering with the team from the Bedford Group, we’ve been fortunate to build a product for the internet shopping generation, conceptualised and designed in South Australia, manufactured from Australian timber in regional Australian centres, employing people with a disability, and delivering a product of the highest quality. Here’s the thing – if you’re not buying stuff on the internet yet, you will be. If you want to maximise the convenience of internet shopping and home deliveries, and actually have your parcels secured on your front porch until you get home, then you need to buy a Parcel Nest.