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Parcel Nest Assembly Guide   Parcel Nest Assembly Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have agreements with Australia Post / courier companies to allow them to leave the parcel in the Parcel Nest even for parcels that say “signature required”?

All the courier companies we've spoken with are really supportive of The Parcel Nest - anything that makes their drivers roles easier and saves time and re-deliveries (which benefit no-one), they're happy to back. If the customer indicates that they're happy for their product to be left at their home, then courier companies are happy to leave it in the Parcel Nest. We will be working with courier companies to ensure their drivers understand the Parcel Nest, how it works, how it makes their lives fast and easy, and how it can secure deliveries simply. But equally as important, we’ll be working with sellers of products, who are the ones that determine the delivery receipt standards of their product and letting them know that they can add “stick it in my parcel nest” as a delivery option. We’d love everyones help in letting their suppliers know they can do this.

Does the Parcel Nest lock?

Yes. Couriers simply push a button to lock each of the two chambers (enabling up to two secure deliveries per day if you have a Nesty, or one if you have a Coop). When you get home, you simply take your Parcel Nest key, unlock the chambers, and it is then ready for its next use.

Does my Parcel Nest need professional installation?

No. Your Parcel Nest is delivered flat-packed, with really easy-to-follow assembly instructions and online assembly videos here. With nothing more than a screwdriver and an hour, your Parcel Nest can be sitting snugly on your front porch ready for use.

How much can I fit in my Parcel Nest?

With a Nesty, up to four regular cartons of wine, or a styrofoam fruit & veg box in one chamber and 1 & 1/2 dozen-bottle boxes in the other. With a Coop, up to two regular boxes of wine or a styrofoam fruit & veg box.

How big is the Parcel Nest?

The outer dimensions of the Nesty dual-chamber Parcel Nest are 1180mm wide x 420mm deep x 460mm high. The inner dimensions of the larger chamber are 620mm x 380mm x 420mm, and the smaller chamber is 500mm x 380mm x 420mm. The outer dimensions of the Coop single-chamber Parcel Nest are 680mm x 420mm x 460mm. The inner dimensions are 620mm x 380mm x 420mm.

Do you have to anchor Parcel Nest?

You can if you like - it comes complete with 2 x concrete screws if you'd like to anchor it to the ground. You may elect to dynabolt it to concrete (dynabolts not supplied). You may prefer to leave it freestanding.

What colours does it come in?

It comes in any colour you like, as long as it’s jarrah-coloured. (If you want to paint it though, you can!)

What tools are required to assemble Parcel Nest?

1 x Phillips head screwdriver is the only tool you need.

Does it come with a warranty?

12-month standard warranty.

I live in Oodnawoopwoop. Do you deliver there?

Right now, Parcel Nests can be purchased and delivered anywhere in Australia.

This sounds AMAZING! How can I get one?

We aim to please. Just click here.