Christmas is coming! Get your Parcel Nest before the presents start arriving!

What - is a Parcel Nest?

What - is a Parcel Nest?

The Parcel Nest is simple solution to the rising tide of home delivered parcels that sometimes… aren’t.

Designed with consumers, suppliers and couriers in mind, the Parcel Nest is an attractive piece of outdoor furniture that can accommodate and secure multiple deliveries of parcels, from envelopes to wine or broccoli boxes.

The Parcel Nest is super simple;

1   Your friendly courier walks to your front door, parcel in hand.
2   They see your Parcel Nest and open one of its two lids.
3   They place your box of food, wine or other goodies inside.
4   They close the lid, and
5   They push the button to lock it.
6   Done.

You come home, see the box is locked, open it with your key, and hey presto! A parcel, safe and secure, at your front door, where you wanted it. No driving to the 7-11 or local Parcel Locker Bank. No further delay in getting the parcel you’ve been looking forward to. It’s at your home, safe and sound.

Made from Australian Jarrah and manufactured in regional Australia by the brilliant team from Bedford Industries, the Parcel Nest comes flat-packed and is easily assembled with nothing more than a screwdriver.


Secure - two independent chambers with push button locks.
Simple - couriers simply insert a parcel, push the button and it’s locked.
Safe - soft-close hinges protect small fingers.
Attractive - solid jarrah timber makes it an attractive piece of outdoor furniture.
Versatile - two deliveries can be secured independently. Nesty is 1180w x 420d x 460h mm; Coop is 680 x 420 x 460mm.
Solid - sit on it to tie your running shoes in the morning.
Sheltered - weather-resistant to the harsh Australian elements, the Parcel Nest will keep your deliveries snug until you get home.
Affordable - at under $300 for a Nesty and under $200 for a Coop, the Parcel Nest saves time, headaches, petrol money and re-delivery fees.